The Time it Takes - Directed by Simon Fildes and Katrina McPherson - dancers Simon Ellis and Rosalind Masson

Goat is an award winning independent media production company specialising in arts projects, documentary, promotional videos and dance on screen. We offer a range of media services to support any creative vision and we get very excited about new collaborative approaches to making imaginative ideas become a reality.


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hyperchoreography shoot.  directed by Simon Fildes  -dancer - yongjing lee.

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Coire Ruadh - directed by Simon Fildes and Katrina McPherson  - Dancer Ruth Janssen

Goat was founded on a passion for art, imagination, expertise and quality.



Formed in 2001 and becoming a limited company in 2005 we have sustained an international reputation working with producers, choreographers and artists across the world to create highly original moving image and digital media work.


Now, steered by award-winning director Simon Fildes, the company still holds that original vision as a guiding force but is expanding to work with a more diverse range of directors, collaborators and producers.


There is a Place - directed by Simon Fildes and Katrina McPherson . Dancer Sang Jijia


We do flow. We live movement. We understand choreography. We love performance.


Whether you are working in dance, music, sports or need to cover any motion and  action, we just get it.


We understand what’s involved, sympathetic to the needs of athletes, performers and artists, empathetic to dynamics and of expressing that on screen.


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Crux - Climber Dave Wheeler - directed by Simon Fildes and Katrina McPherson

Promotional videos are a perfect way to sell your project or company.



In a few short minutes (or less) we can hook your audience in and make them want more. Whatever the final platform, from cinema to social media, we can tailor your promotional content to target exactly the audience you want with the right feel and flow.


Contact us for a quote.


Sense 8 shoot - directed by  Katrina McPherson

We day dream a lot and so of course we make crazy stuff as well as video.



Don’t worry if you think your idea is too outrageous to tell anyone. We’ve dreamed up, developed and managed large scale interactive projects and public art, that have shipped internationally. We’ll listen to your dream and find out if it's feasible. We have a large network of technical expertise to tap into so if we can’t answer your questions we’ll likely find someone who can.

^ video booth - directed by Simon Fildes and Katrina McPherson Produced by Goat and Ricochet dance.


Goat has many years of short film distribution expertise, whether that’s film festival entries, DVD sales or video on demand and pay per view. If you are an arts organisation or individual artist looking for a way to get your work out there come and talk to us.


We consider licensing arrangements on projects we like so if this feels like something you might want to explore then contact us.

hyperchoreography - 6 solos at Tramway Glasgow - - directed by Simon Fildes

We make documentaries and do documentation.



Please have look at our past work and if you think our approach and style fits with your vision then we’d be really happy to chat about the project. We like good coffee and chocolate brownies which we find helps in these situations.


documentary - Catching The Tide - directed by Katrina McPherson
video on demand

Selected video on demand titles are available to buy or rent from Goat. Clicking on a link below will take you to the Vimeo on demand pages. If you would prefer a DVD then please contact us directly.


Uath Lochans. dancer Marc Brew - - directed by Simon Fildes and Katrina McPherson

Goat is the trading name of Goat Media Ltd company no. SC284529