Goat is an independent production company specialising in multidisciplinery arts projects, documentary film and dance on screen. It is a vehicle for the award-winning creative team of Katrina McPherson (choreographer/director/producer) and Simon Fildes (editor/visual artist/producer).


We have finished a new screendance work called The Time it Takes. Shot on location on the stunning west coast of South Uist it features dance artists Simon Ellis (NZ/UK) Dai Jian (China/USA) and Rosalind Masson (Scotland/Germany). It is available for festival release and the trailer is available by clicking here

In 2011 we completed a feature length 75 minute documentary called Force of Nature. It profiles the work of the legendary dance artist Kirstie Simson and exploring current improvisation dance practice and Kirstie’s fantastic teaching process. A DVD is now available through this site. The video is also available through rental or VOD through Amazon and other online outlets. See the trailer available by clicking here

In August 2011 we shot a new dance film Away From Here on location in the Highlands of Scotland with Frank McConnell and PlanB projects. The film which was shot on 1080 50i HD is now complete. Watch out for news from PlanB of screenings throughout the world. See the trailer by clicking here

In 2010 we worked with the Tibetan - Chinese choreographer dancer Sang Jijia (pictured left) to create a short 7 minute film called There is a Place premiered in Hong Kong in 2010. We travelled to Hong Kong, Macau and Beijing to show the work and teach workshops. The film has been shown at over 50 sceenings worldwide and gaining plaudits at international festivals including the Dance Camera West in LA and the San Francisco Dance Film festival. The video is now available for purchasethrough  the buy page.

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Our completed 2009 project CRUX is a work based around the art of bouldering. Effort, dynamic, balance and style combine in a video exploration of  the failures and successes of four solo climbers, as each one tackles a challenging route on freestanding boulders at different Highland locations. Crux was commissioned by the Hannah McClure Centre, Dundee and shown at Bluecoat Art Centre Liverpool UK 2010

Our big 2006 -2009 project was the international award winning move-me.com project. Working with Ricochet Dance Productions, we created an interactive touring video booth to allow the creation of short video dance works for the web. Go to www.move-me.com to see where the booth toured to and what people have been doing in it. With over 300,000 website visitors, nearly 500,000 video views, 2,000 video clips on the site and around 10,000 people trying the booth out at the venues, the project is arguably the most high profile media arts and dance project out of the UK ever. 

The project traveled to Australia and New Zealand between May and November 2008 by invitation from ReelDance festival. Katrina and Simon traveled to Melbourne and Sydney for the early part of the tour as special guests of ReelDance to support the booth and give screenings, presentations and masterclasses.

At the end of 2007 Goat produced a Channel 4 Animate programme for the media artists Jon Thomson and Alison Craighead. See the work here.

Now available from Goat is a compilation of 5 video dance works selected from over a decade of Katrina and Simon making work together. It is a useful companion to the book 'Making Video Dance' (Routledge 2006) by Katrina McPherson. Available through most online book sellers.

Based in Glenferness, Nairnshire, Scotland, Goat has easy access to the Highlands, Central belt, London and beyond and works in collaboration with many other artists and organisations both nationally and internationally. Goat is fully equipped with HD filming and edit facilities,

With extensive experience in film, broadcast, arts and new media production, combined with with many years experience teaching at university education level and community and professional workshops, Simon and Katrina always aim to work to the highest professional and artistic standard, bringing expertise and imagination to innovative and well-produced cultural projects, short courses and workshops for a wide range of groups and individuals.

Contact us if you would like to see a showreel or wish to discuss a project. info@go-at.co.uk

For more information on Katrina McPherson please go to www.makingvideodance.com


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Visit www.left-luggage.co.uk for more archived information and to view images and clips of workshops, visual arts and videodance work.

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